Real horse testimonials and reviews by real people about their experiences with Natural Horsemanship at The JBIT Ranch in Virginia, straight from the horse’s mouth!


A Place That Rosie Could Call Home

“In the spring of 2010, I began the journey of purchasing a horse. I spent a great deal of time looking for a new friend. After much searching and deliberation, I found a wonderful equine companion, but she was young and somewhat untrained. I had a temporary boarding arrangement, but needed to find something more permanent. The task of finding a suitable barn with a reliable trainer was challenging. To my surprise, we found not just a barn, but a place that Rosie could call “home”. The JBIT Ranch provides an enriching environment where horse and owner share in a rewarding and nurturing experience. My relationship with Rosie has grown immensely. The training and guidance that is offered by Todd, Barbara, and their staff has helped me to be more confident and a better partner for my horse. I am so grateful to have a place that offers healthy living along with personalized lessons and training to ensure a safe and gratifying experience.”

– Holly Robinson

Once Again Truly Enjoying My Horse

“After months of searching and placing ads locally for a place to board my horse in the winter, reasonably priced, friendly people indoor arena and western riding lessons, a reasonable distance from DC metro…….I FOUND IT! JBIT Ranch encompasses all of that. Todd and Barbara are wonderful people, who truly care about the horses and are extremely knowledgeable. I spent 6 months there over the winter, and hated to leave. The relaxed atmosphere, along with Todd’s Parelli knowledge were an immense help with my horse, who has a bit of a difficult “horsenality”. With his help I now know how to keep him wanting to work, do it the right way and how to best reward him to keep him interested. My lessons over the winter also gave me renewed confidence I had lost over the past few years. I am once again truly enjoying my horse and learning together! Thanks so much!”

– Kathy Baxter

Home Away From Home, My Happy Place

“I can’t say enough good things about the JBIT ranch – Todd and Barbara Johnson, and all the staff. JBIT has been my “home away from home”, my “happy place”, and well, just a blessing for me to have found, for the past 9 years. I found out in 2002 that I had Multiple Sclerosis; I thought that life was about over for me. Somehow I decided that I wanted to fulfill a dream of owning a horse and checking off one of those “bucket list items”. I searched the Internet and found the JBIT – gave them a call and setup some lessons. After about a year, I found the horse of my dreams – Apache Bullet – one of the JBIT lesson horses. After talking with Todd, I purchased Apache in November 2003. I have been a boarder there ever since. Apache and the JBIT have been the BEST medicine I could ever have! The JBIT Ranch is more than a boarding farm and lessons; they are real people that CARE about YOU AND the horses. Todd and Barbara take the time to make sure you achieve your goals, and have fun at the same time. There’s no pressure to be perfect; just take the time it takes so it takes less time, using Natural Horsemanship. I love this place.”

– Terri Miles and Apache Bullet

Help, Kindness and Patience

“I fostered an off the track thoroughbred from a rescue centre to rehabilitate and retrain her so she would be adoptable and go to her forever home. There are a lot of trainers in Virginia but I knew when I spoke to Todd that he would help the horse to be what she could be rather than what some person wanted her to be. Todd and I have worked with my mare for almost four months now and she has changed from being a scared, nervous ex racehorse who wanted to run away from people to a calm, confident horse who has shown us she is really smart and willing to learn. My mare is now safe to be around and has learned to trust people and is a very willing partner. I would never have had the experience or know how to do this on my own and I am so grateful to Todd for all his help, kindness and patience. I wish Todd and Barbara the very best as they are the kind of people who give their very best all the time. Thanks again.”

– Elaine P.

Something Out of A Storybook

“As a JBIT family member over the last 6 years I have to say I could not have asked for a better place to ride, make friends and become part of such a strong equestrian group. The first time I ever came to the JBIT it was like something out of a story book. I arrived at the farm with a friend and as we are walking to the barn I notice Todd with a cat on his shoulder and all the horses in the field migrating to the fence at a glimpse of his presence. They all knew who he was and wanted to say hello. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, it was surreal. From that day on I have been at the JBIT. I purchased my first horse “Macho Man” from Todd & Barbara and can honestly say that because of them my dream to own such a magnificent animal came true. They took the time talking and working with me to ensure Macho was a good fit for me and I for him. I wanted a horse that had been there and done that and he was it. I fell in love with Macho the first time I rode him. 4 years later I continue to take lessons and grow the relationship between me and Macho. Todd makes sure that his students don’t make the same mistakes he did when he was first learning and that is a great comfort. The JBIT also offers so many various opportunities throughout the year to meet friends, continue to learn and ride with activities such as the Parelli Play dates, the Berryville Christmas Parade, the Summer Camp and Off-site trail rides. Todd & Barbara not only treat each and every horse like a member of their family but they treat me the same way. I feel so blessed to have found this Farm and to have a chance to be a part of their lives and to have them as part of mine.”

– Alison in Winchester, VA

Realizing Dreams

“Todd and Barbara have helped me realize my dream…to be in true natural partnership with my horses. Todd is wonderful at matching the right person to the right horse. A great horseman and a wonderful people person, he has the uncanny ability to quickly find where a person is on their journey and, starting there, to bring them as far as their heart will take them. JBIT Ranch is a warm, welcoming family stable dedicated to putting the relationship with the horse first. This is a unique barn that draws in the best people and I highly recommend a visit as soon possible!”

– Shelley Gutt

A Whole New Outlook

“My whole outlook on horses in general has been upgraded through Todd’s patient education in what a horse is all about. He has taught me how a horse sees the world, how he is a prey animal, but a very wiling and faithful partner when treated appropriately. I have learned one not need to be aggressive in order to get a horse’s attention and respect. And very importantly, one must always keep safety in mind in dealing with horse situations. Our 10 yo mare who had absolutely no training has been brought up to a level 2+ in quite a short time considering she saw no need to have any weight on her back or anything in her mouth, thank you very much. It has been and continues to be an exciting journey. Thank you JBIT!”

– Carol D.

One of The Best Experiences

“I came to the JBIT Ranch five years ago as a 53 year old woman who had never learned to ride. Todd began working with me and it has been one of the best experiences of my life. His patience is tremendous, his knowledge and skill are without equal, but the best things about the JBIT are the friendly people and caring attitude of both Todd and his wife Barb. Not only have I learned to ride a horse without a bit. but I have done so by being with wonderful people and now lifelong friends.”

– Linda L, Purcelville, VA