The JBiT Ranch Sales Policy

The JBiT Ranch makes every effort to offer only 100% sound, healthy animals both for its riding program and for sale. Veterinary pre-purchase exams are at the sole discretion of prospective purchasers. However, whether the purchaser chooses to have a pre-purchase exam performed or not, The JBiT Ranch will not be responsible for any health or soundness issues that may arise post-sale.

Several of the horses for sale at any given time may have multiple parties interested in purchasing them. The JBiT Ranch will reserve the horse of your choice and hold it on The JBiT Ranch for a pre-purchase exam with a 20% deposit. Exams must be scheduled at the veterinarian’s earliest possible appointment, preferably within 5 business days. Scheduling is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Should the horse need to remain at The JBiT Ranch for any reason beyond two weeks from date of deposit, board will be charged daily at the current rate. If any condition is discovered by the vet that would render the horse unsound for its intended use, the purchaser is entitled to a full and immediate refund of the deposit. If, however, the horse is declared to be sound for the intended use and the purchaser opts to not complete the transaction, the deposit will be forfeited.

No horse will leave The JBiT Ranch until its sale is complete and final. We encourage you to visit your prospect as often as you like and ride it several times until you are fully comfortable with his training, temperament, etc. Whether you have chosen to have your horse “vetted out” or not, once possession has been transferred from The JBiT Ranch to the buyer, the sale will be considered final and no refunds will be made.

Download Full JBIT Ranch Sales Policy [MS Word 21kb]