Trail Horses for Sale,Training, Western Riding Lessons, Boarding and Breeding of Quality Tennessee Walking and Spotted Saddle Horses

Trail Horses for Lease

Horses Currently available for lease –
There are no horses currently available for lease. Some may become available as the season moves on.

The JBiT Ranch and Western Equestrian Center lease program will allow you the joys of ownership, without the expensive or long term commitment. $300/month includes 30 hours per month of riding time (harder to use up than you might think.)
The JBiT Ranch and Western Equestrian Center will take care of feeding, worming, shots and farrier. We will provide the tack and supplies for grooming and bathing. We can also schedule lessons that can be taken on your leased horse.

JBiT Horses will only be leased to riders that The JBiT deems competent to safely manage their horse in a completely unsupervised setting. Leases are only available to current students who have taken a minimum of one month (4 sessions) of lessons at The JBiT.