Whisper in The Wind


  • Love this! It is amazing how small you can get and it will make your horse really listen!

  • Apachezmom says:

    This is awsome advice.

  • Diane Ayers says:

    The whisper in the wind sounds very lovely and romantic, but my horses have told me something a little different. A horse’s number one priority is safety and that is the job of the herd leader. If you train your horse to accept you as the herd leader, then he can relax his vigilance and leave that job to you. His job then becomes to pay attention to you. I have employed this paradigm over the last 4 years with both of my horses, one very dominant and the other kind of laid back and anxious, and it has been very effective. We have come to the point that all I have to do to get rid of the spookiness is get my horse’s attention and he immediately focuses back on me and forgets about the squirrel/bird/leaf that was distracting him before. This works on the ground and in the saddle.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for your comment, Diane. I agree wholeheartedly. The concept I conveyed picks up where your third sentence leaves off – “His job then becomes to pay attention to you.” By suggesting that this would apply to a horse that was Level 2 heading to Level 3 in the Parelli program, we should expect that leadership has already been determined and he is very happy to let you make the decisions. Whisper in the Wind is about refining and elevating the relationship to greater and greater levels. Instead of getting my horse’s attention, being small and specific is about keeping it, never losing it, and instead of competing with his environment, becoming more interesting than it is. When you watch horses and humans doing wonderful, beautiful things together in clinics, demos and in otherwise hectic environments, what you’re seeing is a horse that’s tuned into the Whisper in the Wind and a human that has learned to become it.

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